Yearbook is published annually with important year events, activities, reports, and other significant related things. People normally make this yearbook a remembering one as it covers the entire organization’s event. The firms check out for the prospective and quality printing options. Users can completely rely on jostens yearbook avenue which seems to be the best online system and patented in planning, creating and selling the customers’ yearbook. It has a proven record of reliability and performance focusing on the technological results and also has got many achievements for consecutive 2 years. Definitely users are confirmed with experiencing the best relation and also get published their book successfully. 

Jostens yearbook Avenue is a competitive leader in the publishing industry which is very much constant in providing advices and support for the yearbook publishing people. Alongside they extend their support to the schools to achieve their celebrating moments and get established to the world through capturing the successful accomplishments in the yearbook.

How to login yearbook avenue?

Find below the steps involved in logging to the yearbook Avenue website
  • Open the link
  • Choose the year by selecting the dropdown option
  • Provide your job number
  • Enter the username created
  • Type the password
  • Click the option lets go

How to reset password yearbook avenue?

  • Enter into the link
  • Click the option forgot your password
  • To reset the password choose the year from the menu
  • Type your job number
  • Key in your username 
A new password would be generated once you provide the details and you can check the email account.

Yearbook avenue customer support

Technical Support: (800) 328-2435 USA or 
(800) 665-7597 Canada

Yearbook Avenue FAQ

What kind of assistance can jostens yearbook avenue give to the customers?
Everyone is fantasized about the biggest accomplishments in publishing the yearbook and if you approach jostens yearbookavenue on time, from the beginning till the end everything that deals with publishing yearbook will be completely taken care of by providing you the best plan and creating stories of your school’s or organization.

What kind of details I can check if I have login credentials of jostens yearbook avenue?
Every important detail can be tracked with regard to your book publishing and also you can have a personalized dashboard on your homepage. It will give you the privilege to check your dates, the book sales details, cover page history, and other associated things.

For what details we can approach the yearbook avenue team?
The support team of jostens yearbook avenue can be contacted for demo requisition, representatives approach, purchase your book for your understanding and if you have any other queries other than these things, you can make use of the contact details.

How to contact the yearbook Avenue representatives?
  • Open the link
  • Find the option contact your rep
  • Click the option say hello
  • It would redirect to the representatives finding page
  • Provide your school or group name
  • Type your city
  • Key in your state or province
  • Enter your country
  • You can get the representative details
I have certain queries to be clarified. What should I do?
  • Login to the link
  • Under the option got a question or comment click connect with us
  • It will redirect to the page where you have the contact options clearly to select and ask for
Is the customer service team of jostens yearbook avenue sort out things for me?
Customer service of yearbookAvenue can meet out your problems or all kinds of queries and clarification as the team will be working towards sorting out your login or any other technical problems in the easiest way.

How to request demonstration from yearbook Avenue?
Once you enter into the respective website there is an option to request a demo where the team would provide you the possible solutions to check how your yearbook can be revolutionized with beautiful stories and designs. 

What kind of assistance can jostens yearbook avenue provide?
  • The team helps in designing the yearbook layout
  • Can assist in marketing the year book online and offline
  • Help in distributing year books
  • Can arrange for more advertisements for your yearbook

I find difficult logging into my jostens yearbook avenue account. What should I do?
Any help that you seek additional e with regard to your login aspects you have to call the customer support team or you can send emails to the technical supporting team.